• 195 Bedford Ave, unit 1, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Direct | Holistic | Integrated | Upcompromising | Honest | Purposeful | Invested

    “It is my nature to attend to the needs of others – critical, life changing, pain-freeing needs. This is why I became a Physical Therapist.”

    When I was younger, I remember not feeling satisfied with healthcare. I started my career working for larger medical practices and saw the “dark side” to providing healthcare on a large scale. Often, in large hospitals and clinics, practitioners spend more time dealing with bureaucracy than improving skills and bedside manners. If there is anything I can say with confidence, it’s that I can do better!


    • Bachelors in Health Sciences
    • Doctorate in Physical Therapy
    • Continuing Education credits for compliance: to stay current with the latest treatment options, modalities and innovations in rehab medicine.


    • Bellevue Medical Center
    • Cedar Sinai Medical Center
    • VA Medical Center
    • Nursing Skill Facilities
    • Other Private Practices
    • St. Mary’s Hospital for Children – Home Care
    • Health & Hospitals – Correctional Health Services

    Carlos definitely provides a therapeutic massage as a doctor and a masseuse – rather than the type where you just lay there with soft music & candles. He provides insight into bodily tensions while rubbing those tensions out. It’s an interactive style of treatment and I found it satisfying to understand WHY I needed the massage & how I may be creating knots and difficulties. And throughout, Carlos demonstrated great instinct for balancing physical therapy with the cleansing art of physical touch. Days later, you still feel the benefits. A real healer, and an unusually earnest soul, that comes through in the interaction.

    Stavo C. // Client

    A personal aproach to healing

    At my core, I am a coach and am dedicated to personal growth. Physical therapy is an interesting, challenging and interpersonal puzzle. With each client there is discovery. Someone may come to me with back pain, but what I see is the ability to give back the life lost from the pain. When I look in a client’s eyes and see the excitement and possibility, I know I am where I’m supposed to be and doing what I’m supposed to do.

    -Dr. Carlos Loyola, PT, DPT.