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  • Many of my clients begin their story describing how they used to be
    active, vibrant and pain-free prior to an injury or surgery.

    the way
    we heal

    Loyola Physical Therapy offers a collaborative and holistic experience. Each session is unique to the client as Dr. Carlos responds to specific needs and ailments.

    Here you can let go of responsibility and ambition, allowing Dr. Loyola to work with your body. You will leave with a restored vision of what is physically possible and a road map for reaching that goal.

    Carlos is a great therapist and a good, caring person. He goes out of his way to help his clients whenever he can. He’s very knowledgeable about the body, and is creative in coming up with new exercises. Working with him is always fun, and I feel a lot healthier since I started working with him. I originally came to him with a shoulder and knee injury, but since then he’s developed for me a very holistic routine that has helped to fix a lot of imbalances in my body. I am a former college level varsity swimmer, and have worked with a lot of trainers, therapists, etc. and Carlos is definitely one of the best.

    -John C.

    Carlos was amazing! He took the time to really understand my problem. He gave me helpful advice on what caused the problem how to prevent the problem from reoccurring. He went over and above the call of duty. I can’t recommend Carlos highly enough!

    -Justin B.

    I have done many other kinds of body work, including Deep Tissue Massage, Chiropractic work, Acupuncture and Rolfing.  I am also a certified Yoga teacher and have been practicing Yoga for 14 years.  But, despite all this, I still had certain knots and misalignments in my body.  Carlos discovered them right away and zoomed in on them.  I am very grateful to have found Carlos and his work.  He has taken the healing of my body to a whole new level.

    -Alexander D.

    Carlos definitely provides a therapeutic massage as a doctor and a masseuse – rather than the type where you just lay there with soft music & candles. He provides insight into bodily tensions while rubbing those tensions out. It’s an interactive style of treatment and I found it satisfying to understand WHY I needed the massage & how I may be creating knots and difficulties. And throughout, Carlos demonstrated great instinct for balancing physical therapy with the cleansing art of physical touch. Days later, you still feel the benefits. A real healer, and an unusually earnest soul, that comes through in the interaction.

    -Stavo C.

    Carlos Loyola is the consummate professional.  Like many PTs he knows his stuff, however, what separates Carlos from other health practitioners is that he cares deeply about be people he works with.  When Carlos is working with you feel that you are the only person that matters and this contributes significantly to the healing process.  It is the combination of competence and caring that truly distinguishes him as a practitioner.  I couldn’t recommend him more highly

    -Peter M.

    I met Carlos when I had a knee injury in the summer of 2012. I was pretty scared as my leg had blown up and I could barely walk. Carlos immediately put me at ease with his intuitive understanding of my situation, and his calm manner. In consultation with Carlos I decided to go ahead and have a meniscus operation on my knee. Unfortunately, I also decided to listen to the surgeon’s post-surgery physical therapy recommendation and worked with a ‘factory’ physical therapist (i.e., 5 minutes with the physical therapist and then shuffled around to a few minimally trained assistants.

    After my knee blew up again and I realized I wasn’t making real progress, I returned to Carlos. The difference was amazing — Carlos really listened to my body and was able to isolate exactly what was gong on, and to identify how to correct the imbalances / weaknesses. The progress was dramatic.  Carlos also worked with me to correct underlying structural issues which I am convinced will avoid future injuries. Working with Carlos is not easy — he is clear, direct and upfront that the work has to be on both sides. That works for me, especially when I can feel progress and strength!

    -Peter B.



    Coming from a lineage of medical professionals, healthcare was all around me as I grew up. Serving in the Army at 18 proved to me that I could do anything and it instilled a focus and discipline in my life. This mindset was exactly what carried me through the 7 years of school needed to get a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and establish a private practice.

    While honing my skills in clinics and hospitals, I had my own dream of creating a space where skills and relationship merge. I take pride in going to bed at night knowing that there is at least ONE excellent PT in New York City providing individualized treatment with impeccable bedside manners.

    My goal is provide a nuturing environment that is not only healing but one that also makes your experience as engaging and as educational as possible.

    Frequently asked questions

    Do you accept Medicare, Medicaid, No-Fault, Worker's Comp or other major insurance plans?

    Unfortunately no. Many insurance carriers offer “out of network” coverage for physical therapy. Depending on your carrier, this could mean paying up front and receiving a reimbursement. Some carriers simply cover less than in-network services leaving you to pay the difference. If this is a concern, this can be address during your consulation with Dr. Carlos.

    If I don't have insurance, will I be able to take advantage of any of the services provided by Loyola Physical Therapy?

    Yes. Individuals may opt to pay directly out of pocket. If cost is a concern, you may want to ask Dr. Carlos to modify your sessions or inquire about establishing a payment plan.

    Will my insurance cover this?

    Some services provided at Loyola Physical Therapy may not be covered. This could include fitness programs, health education class or additional prevention programs. Because of the benefit of these additional services, many people recognize the value of an uncovered expense. During your consultation, you can address these concerns.

    Why is Physical Therapy a good idea?

    Pain is becoming an epidemic in America. Many sufferers are unaware that pain often accompanies a disorder in movement. Physical therapists are trained in identifying and treating the disorder and relieving the pain.

    How often should I attend PT services?

    During the first 6-to-8 weeks of rehabilitation at Loyola PT, you will need to come in 2-to-3 times per week to feel and experience progress through therapy! It may seem like a lot, but this is vital for us to properly review, evaluate and adjust your therapy as we see how your body is responding to exercises and treatments.

    Do you also do massage therapy?

    Yes. Massage therapy may be a portion of your treatment. Dr. Carlos is trained in a variety of techniques and modalities. Bear in mind, medical massage therapy can be painful and is usually used to treat swollen areas, tight muscles or for the relief of pain. Contrary to popular thought, massage does not increase circulation. In your consultation, let Dr. Carlos know if you are only seeking medical massage. Pro tip: Insurance companies do not reimburse for medical massage therapy.

    Why should I choose a private practice therapist vs. a clinic?

    While the choice is ultimately up to you. Often when visiting a clinic, the number of visits needed are higher and they physicians spend less time with each individual. Sometimes therapy assistants are substituted for some sessions. With Loyola Physical Therapy, you will be treated by Dr. Carlos each time and a patient/therapist relationship can be built.

    Does physical therapy hurt?

    Always, our primary goal is pain relief. But any rehabilitative service is a PROCESS.  Depending on your symptoms and ailments, yes, PT may hurt! Physical therapy is a challenge that you have to be ready to work through and accept it comes with some immediate discomfort to reach long-term reduction in pain and limitations. Hands-on techniques such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation and heat/cold therapy often provide some immediate relief. Dr. Loyola will try to reduce pain and limitation in an appropriate time-frame (diagnoses dependent) by working WITH YOU. Rehab therapy, whether for a bruised rib or post-operation, can be intense, and it always requires your involvement and work, not only in our PT studio, but at home, at the office and everywhere you go.

    A personal aproach to healing

    At my core, I am a coach and am dedicated to personal growth. Physical therapy is an interesting, challenging and interpersonal puzzle. With each client there is discovery. Someone may come to me with back pain, but what I see is the ability to give back the life lost from the pain. When I look in a client’s eyes and see the excitement and possibility, I know I am where I’m supposed to be and doing what I’m supposed to do.

    -Dr. Carlos Loyola, PT, DPT.